Tuesday, September 20, 2011

antiquing? yes please!

Wooohoooo! This weekend is finally just a few days away!!
I discovered this festival back in April and told Adam we just had to go!

We are on a mission to find the following:
1. A farm house table and seating
2. Wedding decor (blue mason jars, doilies, quilts, cake platters, wooden drink crates)
3. A chair for my bridal portraits and possibly engagement pictures too
4. Vintage western home decor for our house (that we don't even have yet)

I am so excited about this festival weekend! The best part is Adam is just as excited about it. We did some antiquing this past weekend and I couldn't keep up with the boy, he was spotting treasures left and right!

And this brings me to #5 on our list....

We found the cutest hoosier cabinet! (I wish it were the picture above) The only downside is someone decided to paint the entire thing white!! I have no problem with white (it would go great in my adorable kitchen), our particular find just needed a better paint job. So we are definitely keeping our eyes on the look out for a great hoosier cabinet for my adorable kitchen....

Pictures of our great finds to come!!

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