Wednesday, August 3, 2011

we've got a photographer... actually 2!

Yesterday I met up with our photographer Nichol Lancaster, signed our wedding contract and handed over a check (eek!)

Finding a photographer was my biggest worry (I'm sure there will be more worries to come). I was so happy to stumble across Nichol's website. She does beautiful work and after meeting with her yesterday, my worries are gone, I know we are in good hands!

When I found her site and looked at her photos for what seemed like hours, I knew I wanted her for my (our) pictures. I immediately emailed to let her know that I was interested. We had already set the date (6-23-12) and I thought 11 months is plenty of heads up. Well.... another bride emailed her the day before me, and guess what day she is getting married.... yep, 6-23-12! Nichol explained to me that she would (if we went with her) be doing our engagement and my bridal pictures, however since she was already booked, her associate Brian Streett would be available for the wedding day. This really wasn't what I wanted to hear. Both I and my fiance are shy people and it's not every day that we have people taking our pictures. I know that our wedding day is going to be exciting, but I also know that nerves are sure to be present as well. I want us both to be comfortable and I knew that after being around and talking to the photographer we would become comfortable around her. So I wasn't too sure how I felt about having a new person taking pictures at our wedding. Nichol spoke very highly of him, assuring me that their styles were very similar, he is normally at the weddings taking photos with her, she would be doing all the editing of wedding photos, and continued to say that she had complete trust in him. She said she understood if we decided against her due to being already booked. So, since this isn't just my wedding, and since Adam and I had already decided that we were footing the photography bill, I definitely had to discuss this with him...

We talked it over. He was okay with having a different person the day of, I was still hesitant, I asked CB if he wanted to change the date, and of course that was a no (6-23-12, it just rolls off the tongue haha) So, if he was happy, then I was happy. I know that Nichol has a reputation to worry about, so I doubt she is going to send any Tom, Dick or Harry with a camera to shoot a wedding!

After sitting and talking with her yesterday I am so excited about our choice! I know she is going to do a great job!! The 3 of us have decided that we are going to shoot for October engagement pictures in Ashe, and bridal pictures sometime in April (still brainstorming on locations)!

My thrifty self sees this as two professional photographers for the price of one!

Here are two additional links to their galleries:
Nichol's Gallery
Brian's Gallery

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

the house that built me

I imagine that picking a wedding venue can be very stressful for some brides. For me, it was so simple, my mom and dad's back (& side) yard! I grew up in this house. It has been filled with love and many life lessons. I can't imagine a more fitting place for my wedding than the house that built me...

We are planning a very informal evening (7:00 pm) June 23rd wedding. The sunset is absolutely beautiful at the house, and then once the sun goes down there will be thousands of twinkling lights throughout the yard. My dad is wanting to go old school with light bulbs in pie tins. I've got a couple of ideas brewing around and I know that once we get our heads together, it's going to be complete awesomeness! I will definitely keep ya posted as we finalize our grand plan.

This is where the ceremony will take place....

The ceremony will be down at the trees. When looking up from the trees, you will be able to see where the reception will take place....

I know these aren't the best pictures, but at least it gives a general idea/vision. I wish I could take a snap shot of the vision in my head to share with everyone, but i guess you will just have to stay tuned to see my vision brought to life!