Friday, July 29, 2011

crazy lil thing called love...

YAY!!! I'm getting married!! And goodness knows when your getting married you gotta blog about it, haha. Anyway, hope you enjoy reading about my journey to the aisle.

Three tidbits of information...
• I'm Hannah, the bride.
• Adam (also answers to cowboy or CB for short) is the groom
• And this is our story of how it all started...

December 2010, amidst the Christmas season, I was transferred to our Wilkes location to help with the hectic holiday shopping. Little did I know, one snowy morning, that I would be meeting my husband in a few short hours at work. I remember this tall handsome man wearing a cowboy hat approaching our door, I couldn't take my eyes off of him! He held the door open for this beautiful lady and I soon realized that they were together...ugh! I asked if I could help them, he said he was looking for Kattie (store manager). They continued to look around the store while they waited for Kattie, while I continued to find myself stealing glances at this man, and of course, as I always do, keeping my ears at full attention to what everyone is saying. I hear the lady he's with say, "you should buy this for your sister... your only sister" woohoo she's his sister!! While they spoke with Kattie, I was still catching myself looking at this man and a few times our eyes met, and I would melt (he has the dreamiest blue eyes ever). They left the store and as soon as I finished helping my customer I was in Kattie's office getting the scoop on that man! She filled me in on him, and the best thing she said about him was "he's single and looking for someone" (okay so maybe that wasn't the best thing she said about him). Kattie could tell I was interested and said that she would mention me to him or his father (who shops in the store). I had told all my close friends about this "cowboy" that came in the store and just gushed over him! I was so hopeful that he would call or something, but a week went by and then two and still nothing. I had moved on from the hopes of cowboy. Christmas came and went and then it was New Year's Eve, I was house sitting for a good friend that night. I had been invited to a couple parties but I didn't care anything about celebrating. 2010 had been a hard year for me, my self esteem was low, my faith and relationship with God was definitely not where I needed it to be. I decided that instead of partying with my friends I was going to reflect on 2010 and bring the new year in praying, and that's what I did. I started a prayer journal of what I wanted for 2011. I asked God to send me someone, I described exactly what I wanted. I woke up, it was 2011, no hang over, and I was feeling great! Starting the new year off with the Lord and opening up to Him brought me peace that I had been longing for. Days went by and I was staying positive that the Lord was going to lead me to "the one."
Friday, January 28th, someone mentioned something about someone from my past, and I don't know why, but it bothered me so bad that it brought me to tears. As I sat crying I prayed for God to keep me strong and patient as he lead me to who he picked for me. I left work, was heading to my sister's basketball game and talking to a friend on the phone when I received another call. I didn't recognize the number but saw that it was a local number and thought I should answer (best phone call ever!!). Oh my gosh!!! It's cowboy!!! (Thank you Lord, thank you!) We talked and talked like we had known each other for ages. I couldn't wait to leave the ballgame (sorry Kendra, you know I love you) so I could call him back! We talked again Saturday and then went out Sunday afternoon.

I couldn't stop smiling the whole time we went out Sunday and wasn't nervous at all, I felt so comfortable around Adam. I had to call off our second date, I came home sick with the flu. We talked on the phone that week, and finally that Saturday we were able to see each other again. It was Valentine's weekend, we went out and I knew that I was marrying this man, I even slipped my mom a text at dinner and told her so! It still gives me chills to read that prayer journal entry. Adam is everything I asked for and then some. I serve an amazing God!!

And that's our little love store... a crazy lil thing called love, as I say!